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Terminator, Cold Bites Deep, PG (Kate Brewster, Sarah Connor)

Title: Cold Bites Deep
Author: ALC Punk!
Rating: PG
Fandom: Terminator/Sarah Connor Chronicles
Characters: Sarah Connor and Katherine Brewster
Warnings: Er, violence, bad language?
Spoilers: Terminator 3. Nothing for SCC, as far as I know.
Word Count: 1500
Written For: larah33
Prompt: Which is scarier: meeting the legend, or meeting the mother-in-law?
Author's Notes/Summary: Sometimes, it's the people you meet that can change the shape of the world. (note: I'm a bit iffy on SCC, and I have possibly far too much love for the third movie)
Thanks to lizardbeth_j for the impromptu and awesome beta. Mwah.
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this girl i know, Terminator, PG-13

Title: this girl i know
Author: liminalliz
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Terminator/Sarah Connor Chronicles
Characters: Katherine Brewster, John Connor, and others…!
Summary: It's natural to assume that Skynet and the resistance knows about all about Katherine Brewster too.
Written For: medie
Prompt: "The show is branching off from the movie, but I'm dying to know how Kate would fit into the SCC universe."
Spoilers: all three Terminator movies, premise and characters of SCC; a general knowledge of T3 and Katherine Brewster is darn good to have!
Word Count: Just over 4,000.
Author's Notes: A million thanks to my incomparable betas – peri_peteia and sainfoin_fields. Your expertise, encouragement and tough love are greatly appreciated. <3333 And if you want to complain about timeline/age issues, go complain to the Terminator writers. IDK!

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