STARGATE FANFIC: "Speaking of Vala" by Fignewton (PG-13)

TITLE: Speaking of Vala
AUTHOR: sg_fignewton
RATING: PG-13/Teens
FANDOM: Stargate SG-1
CATEGORY: Gen; friendship
WORD COUNT: 1200 (12 drabbles)
CHARACTERS: Vala Mal Doran, Samantha Carter, Ba'al
SPOILERS/TIMELINE: Vala's arc in general and Memento Mori in particular
SUMMARY/PREMISE: Fig's Speaking of SG-1 series, where each team member is featured in a dozen prompted drabbles
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Another Anti-Harassment Mod Post

endspam is the latest LJ account for the person who was last posing as izzy96 and morgan661.

The IP information is the same for all three accounts. The IP address is:

whatismyipaddress.com says: is a hacker, trying to hack others' email addresses. Its services should be discontinued. - 2010-12-26
This person/s better known as ksk or gp_cowpolk are hacker's from the True blue Fan club of the Dallas Cowboys. -

This person seems to be switching up the targets of their harassment, moving on to friends of the originally harassed party. I would suggest pre-emptive banning in order to avoid feeding the harasser. (In fact, I am avoiding naming any names in order to avoid feeding the harasser as much as possible.)

You may find information on banning a user from a personal journal here, and from a community here.
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This is what an actual mod post looks like!

Your mods are havocthecat and tinylegacies. We often post with a mod account, femme_fic_mods, which only we have the password to. If you see a post from anyone other than the three of us, it's not a mod post. In fact, we'll tell you if we're making an official mod post.

izzy96 is not (and never will be!) a moderator of this community. izzy96 is, in fact, about to get banned the hell from this community. We do not support the harrassment of other LiveJournal members, and we especially do not support the continued stalking and harassment of spiletta42.

ETA: morgan661 is also banned for harassment and trolling in the comments of the non-mod post.

I will be placing the community on moderated status for now. Your mods are dicussing, via email, how best to report these users to LJ's abuse team.

ETA 02: I'm at work. Can someone screencap that post before it vanishes, please? Thank you to the people who made screencaps!

2011 FKFicFest Promo

With the generous permission of femme_fic's moderators, I'd like to invite you to the 2011 fkficfest/[community profile] fkficfest game!  This ficathon celebrates Forever Knight, which features such wonderful women characters as Natalie Lambert, Janette Ducharme, Tracy Vetter, Amanda Cohen, Grace Balthazar... and more!

Sign-ups are open through May 20.  Please check out the rules and sign-ups post for details.  We'd love to have you play!
Ripley and Call
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Brave New World (1/1)

Title: Brave New World
Author: squilf
Fandom: Alien (specifically, Alien Resurrection)
Pairing: Ripley/Call
Rating: T (13+)
Summary: Call and Ripley have always felt a connection. Since the moment they met, there's been some kind of bond between them. Now they've made it to Earth, and they have no idea what to do. Where do they belong? Here, on this Brave New World? With each other? Some important decisions have to be made about the future, though making them could just break Call's mechanical heart.
Spoilers: Set after Alien Resurrection.
Read it here.

The (Bleep) Monologues - 30 Rock - Liz and Jack

Title: The (Bleep) Monologues
Fandom: 30 Rock
Characters: Jack and Liz
For: Freaks and Geeks Ficathon.  Prompt: 30 Rock, Liz & Jack, "I got a letter from Rosemary."
Summary: I tried Rosemary. I tried.
Feedback: It does a body good.

Liz comes bustling through into Jack's office just as he's having his suit fitted.


"Jack, it's favor time. You will not believe—"

"If I wear this tie, will it make me look… paternal?"

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Edge of Desire -- ER -- Neela/Ray

Title: “Edge of Desire”
Description: Late at night, Neela thinks of Ray. Written for the Shiny Happy Comment Ficathon. Prompt: ER, Ray/Neela, maybe this mattress will spin on its axis, and find me on yours
Fandom: ER
Genre: Angst
Characters: Neela/Ray
Disclaimer: It is with a heavy heart that I admit that the exclusive rights to ER aren’t mine, nor will they ever be. If this is news to you, we have bigger fish to fry.
Rating: T
Feedback: Gimme, gimme, and gimme more.

Neela especially loathes treating the crazies. Surly children, hypochondriacs, vagabonds that reek of pot and urine, prima donnas… they all bring their trials, but nothing—and she verily means nothing—irks her quite so much as the crazies.

“I need you to lick my balls,” a particularly gruesome man, recumbent on a cot unceremoniously parked outside of the bathroom, wheezes at her. He draws out each word slowly as if to make his insanity clearer. He is either drunk off his ass or in serious need of a psych consultation.

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Pimp All Treks Mother's Day Fan Fic Promptathon

Are now taking claims. Prompts are still open for claiming and there are quite a few to choose from. More information can be found here Where No Woman has Gone Before:
The community Where No Woman has Gone Before is now taking prompts for all the Treks in honor of Mother's Day more information on the community and the rules and such can be found here:


Each verse as such is separated by a single header, so you have the Original Series, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Enterprise. There is also an area for more general prompts that could apply to any of fandoms.