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Moments of Illusion (Heroes+Superman), PG

Title: Moments of Illusion
Author: isabeau
Rating: ...uh. PG, pretty much? Possibly even G, but I rarely use that, so.
Fandom: Heroes. Also, Superman.
Characters: Claire, Elle, Lois Lane, and a guest appearance by coffee.
Pairing: Claire/Elle (mainly implied)
Recipient: liviapenn
Prompt: a) "I would like Heroes futurefic. For Claire: either immortal!Claire far in the future, or possibly Claire/Hiro or Claire/Elle in five or ten years? [...]" and b) "Lois gen, or Lois paired with Clark, Lex or Bruce. Any Elseworlds, or Superman AU. Any kind of Lois adventure or snapshot of her daily life, or perhaps an encounter with another DCU superhero-- Lois&Selina Kyle (or Lois/Selina) would be especially awesome."
Spoilers: Really really vague spoilers for Heroes (aired episodes). And that's pretty much it.
Summary: Sometimes, superheroes were marked with colorful costumes and flashy logos; sometimes, there was just normal-that-wasn't.
Author's Notes: Why yes, my brain /was/ insane enough to try to combine two prompts. Especially fun since I'm not entirely familiar with most DCU canon (I was mainly working off the universe in the most recent Superman movie). But hey, being insane is fun. \o/

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Tags: author: isabeau, fandom: dcu, fandom: heroes, genre: crossover, genre: femslash, genre: gen

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