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NCIS FIC :: "Proposal" [ Abby/Ziva, PG13] for krazykipper

Title: Proposal
Author: A. Magiluna Stormwriter
Rating: PG13
Pairings: Abby/Ziva
Date: 2-3 April 2008
Word Count: 1591
Written for: femme_fic multifandom ficathon 2008
Recipient: krazykipper
Summary: Ziva has an important question to ask...
Sequel to: Disclosure [tho' it's not necessary to read that one first]
Website: ShatterStorm Productions – Frisked & Conquered
Link to:
Archive: ShatterStorm Productions only...all others ask for permission & we'll see...

Author's Disclaimer: "NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Services," the characters, and situations depicted are the property of Belisarius Productions, Paramount Network Television Productions, Paramount Television, and CBS Television. This piece of fan fiction was created for entertainment not monetary purposes. Previously unrecognized characters and places, and this story, are copyrighted to the author. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author. This site is in no way affiliated with " NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Services," CBS, or any representatives of Pauley Perrette or Cote de Pablo.

Chosen Prompt:
Characters: Abby/Ziva. (and the rest of the team too)
Prompt: Anything showing a realistic progression to the girls having some kind of relationship. If there is a kink, extra brownie points.
Author's Notes: This was written as a pinch hit for krazykipper. When I got this prompt, I thought about it and originally had the idea of Abby and Ziva adopting a little girl named Sarah [Israeli in the original idea], with the story being Abby telling Sarah a fairy tale about how she and Ziva got together. Of course, once Sarah was asleep, the story would then be Abby and Ziva having some "alone" time. But the story just wouldn't come together for me, no matter how hard I tried. So I decided to go with this idea instead. It is technically a sequel to "Disclosure", but you don't have to read that to read this one. You just get a little more detail if you do.

The writing of this story almost didn't get completed. When I started writing the original version of this particular story [not the original idea], I'd gotten about 400 words written and went to do a spellcheck. Except Word closed out the document! The sad part? I hadn't saved it yet. That was about 8 at night. I was livid, and couldn't find the temp file at all. So I put on some Disturbed and Godsmack, and started to reconstruct what had been lost. I managed to get almost all of it, practically verbatim, and then continued on. This final draft got finished in about 2 ½ hours.

As for the pendant in the story. Originally it was going to be a thumb ring, but cuspofqueens mentioned going outside the box with a pendant. While Ziva would have an original design for the pendant, I used this pendant as the basis of her gift.

Research on Ziva's Religious Beliefs: I had Ziva saying Hashem instead of God, based on the info on from the Names of God in Judaism wiki. If there's a better reference that she'd make, let me know and I'll gladly fix it. Also, I took the basic info on how Ziva would react to discovering/accepting her lesbianism from the Homosexuality and Judaism wiki. While this wasn't explored in depth, this is where I got my research.

Dedication: My muses, for always coming thru, even in a pinch.

Beta: shatterpath, as usual

by A. Magiluna Stormwriter

"May I speak with you for a moment, Gibbs?"

Glancing up, I can see the nervousness that she doesn't normally display causing her to squint at me. "What's on your mind, David?"

She takes a quick look over her shoulder at DiNozzo, who is typically curious about what's going on. Even after four years of working together, the man's still got an almost unhealthy fascination with Ziva David. It's not really a crush per se, more of a boy obsessed with something he knows he can't have. It was the same way with Kate. Both Kate and Ziva have used that fascination to their advantage many times in the past.

"Not here. Please."

Standing, I down the last of my coffee and toss the cup into the trash. "I'm outta coffee. You're buying." And with that, I head toward the elevator. She hesitates long enough to grab her wallet before following me. I give it a few seconds before I hit the emergency stop button. "So talk, Ziva."

She won't meet my gaze, eyes trained on her clasped hands. She opens her mouth, pauses, closes it, and then begins to pace back and forth between the door and the back wall of the elevator. About a dozen rotations are burned up before she can actually get any words out.

"Tradition would dictate that I speak with you on this matter."

Tradition? What the hell is she talking about? "Just what kind of tradition are we talking about here?"

"This was much easier when I was speaking to you in my mind," she mutters.

I reach out to grab her shoulders, halting her progress on another circuit across the floor. The motion startles her enough to look up at me. There's honest to God fear in her eyes, and I'm immediately transported back four years ago to this same look facing me in my basement. Over the body of one Ari Haswari. Her entire world had collapsed around her that night; it took her a long time to deal with the destruction of who and what she thought she was. And then not even two years later, I witnessed that same look when she dredged up those memories to help me regain my own memory.

"Are you being recalled to Mossad?" I ask softly, pretty sure that's not the case. Jenny would have let me know.

"No, I'm far more valuable here." She takes a deep breath, blinks once or twice, and meets my gaze again. "It's about Abby."

My protective instincts where Abby's concerned are instantly brought to the forefront; it's an automatic reaction. "What about her?"

She chews at her lower lip for a moment before digging into her pocket. She presses the crumpled, worn paper into my hand. "I need your help, Gibbs. I need your permission."

Curiosity gets the better of me and I unfold the page to see a photo of a knot work heart. Below it is a list in Ziva's angular handwriting, including "Talk to Gibbs" on it. I nearly chuckle at the item that says to buy out as many black roses as she can find, but hold back my reaction. And I decide to make her actually talk to me, not just hand me a piece of paper and wait for me to give my blessing.

"Permission for what, Ziva?"

As she begins to speak, haltingly at first, I can see her adoration for Abby in every movement, every word chosen. "You know that she and I have been seeing each other for quite some time now." She glances up, waiting until I nod. "It hasn't been easy, particularly with the issues I've had to overcome."

Oh, that's an understatement. The memories of watching these two women coming together begin to flit across my mind's eye. It had started out so horribly; after Kate was killed, Abby despised Ziva. It took a long time for her to thaw out where Ziva was concerned, but the weekly clubbing excursions they had with DiNozzo and McGee certainly helped. Watching them dance around their growing attraction to each other was both amusing and painful. It caused a lot of issues for them while Ziva dealt with the religious ramifications of their relationship. Abby's need for a comforting shoulder has given me far more insight into this particular couple's story than I probably ever need to have, but for Abby I'd do anything.

"So what is it you need my permission for, Ziva?" I ask, stopping her painfully self-conscious ramblings.

"You are her family, Gibbs," she says softly. "I suppose I'd like your permission to ask her to make our relationship more binding, more permanent."

"You're asking her to marry you?"

Ziva shakes her head. "We can't be married, you know that. But I... Abby means everything to me, Gibbs. Hashem would not have brought her into my life like this if I was not meant to be happy with her."

"You love her?" I ask, letting the Gunny come out. If she really wants to do this, I'll treat her like I would any boy who would have come courting Kelly.


"You gonna hurt her?"

"We've been through this before--"

"Yes or no, Ziva. You gonna hurt her?"

"I'd sooner die than hurt Abby again."

The pain is back in her eyes, and I know she's remembering the letters from her father that prompted her to be completely honest with Abby about Haswari. That had been a rough time for all of us involved. McGee and DiNozzo still don't have that information yet, and probably never will.

"What if your father calls you back to Mossad?"

"I won't leave Abby, Gibbs, not willingly." Her spine is steel straight and she stares me down as if I'm the enemy.

"I know you won't," I finally relent and glance back down at the paper. "Damned nice pendant, Ziva. But why no ring?"

"Abby would have to take the ring off to wear the latex gloves, but a pendant could be worn either on this chain or on one of her collars, and she could always have it in a safe spot near her heart. She would never have to take it off unless she chooses to do so."

"Your romantic side is showing," I tease her as I hand back the sheet of paper. "Better not let DiNozzo hear you say something like that. He'd never let you live it down."

She shudders at that, but strokes the photo lovingly. "I'm sure I won't have a choice if Abby says yes. She'll be showing off the pendant to everyone she can find."

I hit the button to get the elevator moving again. Ziva looks at me curiously. "Of course, you've got my permission, Ziva. I'm happy as hell that you've both found someone you really adore, and that you've stuck it out through all the crap. Your happiness is just as important to me as hers is, Ziva."

"Thank you, Jethro," she replies with a broad, embarrassed smile. "I appreciate that."

"Just buy my coffee and don't hurt her, and we're good."

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The next morning when I come into the bullpen, I see a large cup of coffee on my desk with a black rose. Ziva's not at her desk, but I'm quite sure the coffee and rose are from her. A glance around shows she's up on the landing, talking to Jenny. She's far more animated than normal, and Jenny's smiling, so I'm guessing things went well last night. Before I actually can sit down and take a sip of the coffee I know she's bought me, I'm accosted by a happily squealing Abby.

"Gibbs! Look! Isn't it gorgeous?" she asks, practically shoving her chest into my face.

The pendant does look nice on her, and I lean over to press a gentle kiss to her cheek. "Congratulations, Abs."

She pulls me into a tight hug and whispers, "Thank you for talking to her yesterday. She told me you did, and what you said."

"Well, I told her the truth. You're both important enough to me that I care about your happiness; you really do deserve each other." She beams broadly at me and her kiss leaves a mark on my cheek. "You told the boys yet?"

"Told us what, Boss?" DiNozzo asks as he and McGee head over to their desks.

"You'll have to ask Abs, DiNozzo," I reply, motioning to McGee, who smacks DiNozzo in the back of the head. "And didn't your mother teach you anything about eavesdropping?"

"Just that I should be better at it than I already am?" he asks in that questioning tone of his, rubbing his head.

"Ya think?" I retort as I watch Abby turn around to wave animatedly at Ziva, who waves back with obvious adoration in her gaze. How anyone could miss what these two share is beyond me. As I sit down to take a sip of my coffee, I glance up at the two women again. "You gonna actually do some work today, Officer David? Or is the Director taking you to her office for detention?"

Even from this distance, I can see the faint blush of embarrassment on her face. Jenny follows her down to offer Abby a polite hug, which get the boys even more curious until Abby finally shows them the pendant.

I lean back in my chair and continue to sip at my coffee. We're not gonna get any work done today.
Tags: author: ariestess, fandom: ncis, genre: femslash

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