Havoc (havocthecat) wrote in femme_fic,

In lieu of a 2012 round of femme_fic, we're running a lady-centric remix challenge.

miri_cleo, celli and myself are gearing up to run remix_her (DW link)/remix_her, and so I have some links to share. This is for all fans of female characters, so please feel free to play no matter what type of fic you might write.

Community Rules & Challenge Information - To answer all your questions, or what we hope will be all your questions. There's information on the exchange portion (for larger fandoms) and the freeform portion (for smaller fandoms).

Poll For Eligible Fandoms - We started out with a huge list and are trying to winnow down. Please be sure to read the clarification text at the top of the poll.

Comment Ficathon - Because we ask that you have four fics in a fandom to offer up for remixing if you sign up for the exchange portion, we thought we'd put up a post where people can write fics in order to attain eligibility.

Please spread the links around to interested parties! The more, the merrier!
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