Havoc (havocthecat) wrote in femme_fic,

Another Anti-Harassment Mod Post

endspam is the latest LJ account for the person who was last posing as izzy96 and morgan661.

The IP information is the same for all three accounts. The IP address is:

whatismyipaddress.com says: is a hacker, trying to hack others' email addresses. Its services should be discontinued. - 2010-12-26
This person/s better known as ksk or gp_cowpolk are hacker's from the True blue Fan club of the Dallas Cowboys. -

This person seems to be switching up the targets of their harassment, moving on to friends of the originally harassed party. I would suggest pre-emptive banning in order to avoid feeding the harasser. (In fact, I am avoiding naming any names in order to avoid feeding the harasser as much as possible.)

You may find information on banning a user from a personal journal here, and from a community here.
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