Havoc (havocthecat) wrote in femme_fic,

This is what an actual mod post looks like!

Your mods are havocthecat and tinylegacies. We often post with a mod account, femme_fic_mods, which only we have the password to. If you see a post from anyone other than the three of us, it's not a mod post. In fact, we'll tell you if we're making an official mod post.

izzy96 is not (and never will be!) a moderator of this community. izzy96 is, in fact, about to get banned the hell from this community. We do not support the harrassment of other LiveJournal members, and we especially do not support the continued stalking and harassment of spiletta42.

ETA: morgan661 is also banned for harassment and trolling in the comments of the non-mod post.

I will be placing the community on moderated status for now. Your mods are dicussing, via email, how best to report these users to LJ's abuse team.

ETA 02: I'm at work. Can someone screencap that post before it vanishes, please? Thank you to the people who made screencaps!
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