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Beginnings, Ellen/WIlliam

Title: Beginnings
Author: JJ promisetodepart
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: William Anthony Harvelle and Ellen Harvelle (before she was Harvelle)
Pairing: Ellen/William
Recipient: dragonsinger
Prompt: first meeting.
Spoilers: none
Summary: William and Ellen meet for the first time, and Ellen helps him out.
Author's Notes: this is my first fic with William as a main character. The characters are not mine they are Eric Kripke's.

Ellen was never one of those girls who was into the typical girly frills and crap. She never gushed over lace wedding dresses or who would be a bridesmaid or maid of honor in her hypothetical wedding. No, Ellen loved cars and guns;, she was a tomboy and damn proud of the fact. She watched as other girls laughed and giggled when a guy looked their way. She would just give them a nod;, to be honest some guys were afraid of her. She didn't give a damn because she didn't need a man to take care of her, she could do well enough on her own. She would roll her eyes at her parents when they told her she needed to find a nice guy and marry him to be taken care off. She was not interested. She didn't feel the need to be any guy's arm candy and pop out kids like no tomorrow. Her mother would just throw her hands up and say she gave up. Ellen left and went through her days taking orders and delivering drinks.

The day she got a waitressing job at a bar her mother nearly fell over and died. Her daughter, her little angel, working in a bar. A brothel she tried calling it until Ellen set her straight. She loved her job and liked meeting all the different kinds of people that walked in and out of those doors. She rolled her eyes at the guys that tried picking her up. They seemed to think that if they bought her a drink she';d bend over for them. That sure in the hell was never going to happen. She had offers that they'd take care of her, wanting her to marry them. Promises that they'd take her far away and that she'd never have to work again. All she'd have to do was play little miss Susie Homemaker, and pop out a couple dozen kids. Motherhood was not something Ellen gushed over, sure if she had a kid or two she'd be happy. It just wasn't her one mission in life. She wanted so much more then that. Now most people misunderstood Ellen, she wasn't adverse to love. She wanted to fall in love but she wasn't one of those girls that believed in the whole fairy tale bullshit either. There were a few guys she did find an interest in, maybe it was the good little girl in her that was attracted to the idiots. She was just glad that she never made the mistake of messing around with them. Her mama didn't raise no fool girl that would just throw her life away.

She was good at her job and never had a complaint from the customers. Well not counting the ones she'd deck if their hands tried grabbing her ass, or going up the skirt she was asked to wear. Then Ellen had no qualms about turning around and full out punching the son of a bitches in their damn faces. Guys would learn quickly one by one that you just didn't fuck with Ellen. The owner of the bar had taken to Ellen, not in a romantic manner, she had become like his kid sister. So guys knew first they had to deal with Ellen's right and left hook, then the owner's boot to the ass as they flew through the bar doors. Things settled down for Ellen after that. She had found something she loved to do and even thought about opening her own bar one day. She knew she could handle it;, she'd kick guys into next week if they tried anything. If that didn't work? A gun pointed at their heads would sure in the hell get the message across. She had to use it a few times.

One day however Ellen's life changed. She met the guy she wanted to spend her life with. His name was William Harvelle, and at the time she hadn't known he was a hunter. Hell she didn't even know what a hunter was. She had been cleaning up and about to close the bar. The owner trusted her enough with the job and knew she could handle herself well enough that no one would fuck with her. She had gone to lock up the doors and head home when she saw a man come stumbling. She could see her was bleeding and took him inside. To some it might be a stupid move, but hell, the guy was hurt, what harm could he cause? She cleared off a table and laid him down and went to go call an ambulance when he grabbed her hand.

"No doctors."

"Are you plum crazy? You are bleeding, you fool."

"Just no doctors. Get my bag, I'll patch myself up."

"You hit your damn head?"

"Trust me, it'd be easier then explaining how I got hurt."

"How the hell did you get hurt?"


"Come again, you loon?"

"A vampire."

"You are crazy."

She watched William pull down the collar of his shirt and show her the rough puncture marks. Ellen didn't get freaked out by it, instead she saw his kind eyes looking to her. He wasn't leering at her it. She was liking that about him;, then again maybe he was too weak from blood loss to make a pass.

"So what the hell do I do?"

"Get me my bag and I- -"

"Shut up. I said what can I do?."

Ellen watched as his brow perked just slightly at her ordering him around and it caused her to smirk. She could tell he was a bit impressed by it. She had a fire that most guys were afraid of but she saw this man understood she could fend for herself and even admired her for it. SHe knew he had given in then when all he did was shake his head.

"Get my bag quickly. I need get this cleaned before I get infected or something."

Ellen went and grabbed the bag and took everything out. "Holy water? You shittin' me?"

"No. Pour some on the bites."

She could tell he was getting weak and she needed to hurry up. She poured the holy water over the bites and listened to him cry out through clenched teeth. She looked to him and smiled almost apologetically. She stitched him up then, making sure he was bandaged and all. She checked him out them to make sure there were no other wounds.

"Alright You're all patched up."

"Thank ya. I'm Bill, Bill Harvelle."


"What's a girl like you doing here alone?"

"Oh don't you start with the lame lines."

"I'm not. Was just wondering why you were out here so late."

"Oh. I was closing up the bar."

"Thanks for cleaning me up."

"Come on let me get you somewhere warm."

"I have my car."

"Don't be an ass. You need rest in a bed."

She helped him up and took him to her car. She ended up taking him home and making sure he got plenty of rest. He ended up sticking around and he told her all about hunting. He told her about the horrors he faced. They went out a few times and she dealt with him coming and going for his hunts. She just knew she loved him and screw the conventional couples. She wanted to be in his world and she was damn well going to do it.
Tags: author: promisetodepart, fandom: supernatural, genre: het

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