Aron Kristina (martinius) wrote in femme_fic,
Aron Kristina

Fic: Touch me (take me to that other place), Leverage, Parker & Eliot

Title:  Touch me (take me to that other place)
Author: martinius 
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Implied sexual violence
Fandom: Leverage
Characters: Parker, Eliot
Recipient: hollow_echos 
Prompt: Parker doesn't like being touched by other individuals. That doesn't quite go hand and hand with the drop dead gorgeous appearance she was given. Yet she doesn't choose to hide her looks, for her team, for the success of their cons, she's willing to dress in the clothes and adopt the appearance that draws a man's eyes to her figure. Distraction, seduction, call it what you will. But maybe it affects her more than she leads on to the rest of her teammates. How does she deal with this paradox after a con or in the downtime between jobs?
Spoilers: None I can think of.
Summary: Parker doesn't like being touched
Author's Notes: This is horribly late because I'm the slime at the bottom of ponds. Beta'ed by the lovely C who has nothing to do with the lateness.
Written for the 2010 ficathon. Title is from "Beautiful day" by U2.
Tags: fandom: leverage, genre: gen

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