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Last one Standing /Buffy the Vampire Slayer:Drusilla/pg-13

Title: Last One Standing
Author: Lithium/Padme
Rating: pg-13
Warnings: none really
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Characters: Drusilla, Spike, Angel and Darla
Pairing: n/a
Prompt: Why is it that of all the Fanged Four, Drusilla is the survivor?
Spoilers: none
Summary: Out of them all, Drusilla was the only one that hadn't died (and been brought back by some force)
Author's Notes: It's not exactly what I had aimed for, and my style of fic writing is rather different from everyone elses, but I hope the person enjoys it.

There came a time in the slayer's life that she questioned how out of the fanged four, Drusilla was the last one to actually survive without the help of resurrection or spells. It was quite simple really, Drusilla always killed to survive. Angelus has taught her that, and Princess had always kept true to his teachings. Kill, or be killed.

Darla had left the world a second time when she gave birth to Connor, the hybrid. Spike had sacrificed himself for his little slayer and Angelus; well Angelus didn't exist. There was the pathetic shell of the man once known as Angelus. Drusilla has weeded her way in and out of many social circles, made friends with the demons and most importantly, played the part of the role society seemed to think she should belong to, the eccentric kind. It was quite amusing however that she should fit in so well with the people of today's world.

Drusilla always was the strong willed one, secretly of course but she knew what it took to survive. Don't kill the wrong people. Spike and Darla tended to make that mistake. Angelus had made that mistake when his soul had been given back to him. Poor Angelus. She gave a small sigh as she remembered the man that used to be, before he became a pathetic excuse for existence. She had often been tempted to sneak into his residence and put him out of his misery, the voices once told her that it was the only way to set Angelus free again. Tsk tsk on the voices, Drusilla had somehow managed to hush them quietly in the back of her mind when she was in public.

Dru however had become vicious in the following years of her life alone. She had started caring little for others and more about herself. She had to admit though; she did miss her little poet sometimes. Shame Spike had to fall in love with the slayer. It left a bad taste in her mouth sometimes, but she supposed it was payback for her dating that demon she had. Of course he was going to move on; she just didn't fully expect it to be Buffy Summers of all people. Some things were just too far fetched for her mind to wrap around. He had told her one time that Buffy made him feel alive, at that moment Dru had snarled at him and walked away. They were dead, why did Spike feel the need to feel alive?


This evening Drusilla sat in the park and waited, she was quite fond of the place and even had a small residence not far from here. She gave a purring sound of contentment as she watched people walk by. So many potential victims just waiting for her to have a little taste. A few would look at her holding the porcelain doll in her lap and in turn she would smile sweetly at them. Her head turned as someone came to sit next to her and a small brow perked at them.

"Hello young lady." The man couldn't be that much older than she, how could he sit there and call her young lady.

"Sir." She gave a sweet smile.

"Why are you sitting here alone? Waiting for someone I'm guessing?"

"Yes, waiting for someone, I think he's arrived." She had picked up on using the art of seduction from Darla the one time.

The man smiled and then stood, holding out a hand for her. "Then allow me the honor of taking you out to dinner Miss."

Southern men and their hospitality. It was nice and comforting in a way. She took his hand and then gave a smile "I'm afraid I'm not that hungry, but maybe a walk would be nice."

"We could go back to my house and sit for a while if you'd prefer that."

That got a coy smile to cross the lips of the vampire. "That would be lovely Sir."

She always used words like Sir and please. She learned that mannerisms sometimes got her a long way. She linked her arm in his and walked with him to his living establishment, it really wasn't much to look at but who was she to speak? Being a vampire had its perks, including collecting money and not having to pay taxes on it.

"You're place is...lovely Sir."

"Thank you and please, call me Jeff."

"Very well Jeff, I'm Drusilla" You're killer.

She moved to sit on the edge of the couch as she smiled up at him.

"Something to drink Drusilla?"

Oh the loaded question that was. "Perhaps in a while, why don't you get yourself one?"

He obliged himself to a few glasses before Drusilla went to make her move, leaning in and placing a soft kiss to his neck before her face contorted into a mask of bumps and fangs, tearing into the skin on his neck. He had screamed but no one could hear, they weren't exactly anywhere near any decent civilization that she could tell. It didn't take long before he stopped trying to pull her back, giving into the certain death that was passing upon him. She didn't drain him completely dry, but she left enough that he would die. She stood and then gave a satisfied smirk at her work as she looked around. Pretty things, shiny things....No Drusilla, that would be bad. You don't want to take anything. Drusilla pouted at Ms Edith, but knew she was right. That wasn't her style, as pretty as the things were. She gave a small pout and then picked Ms Edith up and cradled the doll to her as she walked out the door.

Yes. There were times like these that it was evident of why Dru was the last woman standing. She had kept in the shadows only coming out to stalk what she needed and then slipping back into a "normal" lifestyle. She didn't stay in one place too long and she was just what she was meant to be. A killer. Predator. Bloodsucker.
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