The Teasemaster (tinylegacies) wrote in femme_fic,
The Teasemaster

Releasing the Queue

We are only five four three two stories short of being able to release!

The plan right now is to release this evening (once both of your lovely mods are home from work and have attended to RL). This should begin approximately around 8pm CDT/ 9pm EDT.

In order for this to happen, we need those last five four three two stories posted.

If you are the author of one of those stories, PLEASE comment here or shoot us an email to let us know if you will be able to post by 5pm CDT today.

If you are available to write a last minute pinch hit today, PLEASE comment here with a list of fandoms that you can write.

We have already double assigned a few of the pinch hits. At this point, anyone who turns in a story (whether it's before or after the queue is released) will not be considered a defaulter. We do understand that RL happens, but we would like to release the fics. Moderation will be turned off once the queue is released. We are also planning to post a master list of all the prompts, so that people may continue to write amazing female-centered fic.

You may want to consider removing this community from your friends list before we start released the queue, as it will end up flooding it.

Any questions, comments, thoughts, etc? Please comment here or send us an email!

*rubs hands together in gleeful anticipation*
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