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Unwritten Prompts

Below the cut is a list of all the prompts that were submitted by people who successfully completed the ficathon that were not written. They are organized by fandom.

Anyone is welcome to write any of these and post them to the community. We are going to leave moderated posting on to avoid any spam entries, but you are all welcome to submit fics based on these prompts at any time.

Babylon 5

Characters: Susan Ivanova; Talia Winters
Prompt: “I think I loved Talia….”
Three Things You Don't Want: um, I got nothin’.

Battlestar Galactica

Characters: Ellen Tigh and/or Tory Foster and/or Laura Roslin
Prompt: how a resurrection really feels (scenes with Roslin and Baltar snark are always a bonus, but not a necessity.)
Three Things You Don't Want: Adama/Roslin, character humiliation, non-canonical child deaths. Please and thank you.

Characters: Natalie (Six)
Prompt: The Sixes were created identical, but experience gave them more distinct personalities. What did this Six go through that turned her into a leader?
Three Things You Don't Want:

Characters: Sharon Valerii (or Agathon), Anastasia Dualla
Prompt: things remembered (for instance, how does Sharon know Dee carries her grandfather's knife?)
Three Things You Don't Want: death fic, angsting over men


Characters: Brennan
Prompt: Brennan and Angela haven't sat down to talk much this season (like, at all), and I'd like to see them discuss where they are in their lives; we never got to see Angela figuring out her breakup by talking to Brennan, didn't get to see serious talks after Jarod came to town. I'd love to see Brennan and Angela talking, Brennan and Cam talking, someone or someones getting Brennan to go out for a girls' evening and conversation turning serious. I'm also fine with something set much longer ago in canon, back when we didn't get to see Brennan and Angela talk about the various Really Scary Things like the the Jamie Kenton case ("Two Bodies in the Lab") or the Gravedigger (which, in fairness, the show kind of covered in the lovely scene in "Woman in the Garden").
Three Things You Don't Want: cheating (I'm fine with femme slash, but only when no one involved is in a committed relationship with someone else (so like after Hodgins' "be my love" through the breakup or after Angela and Roxie got together); overwhelming silliness (moments are often that stuff of which delight are made); unresolved anger (though good friends do fight and that's okay, so long as they make up within this context).

Characters: Cam Saroyan, Angela Montenegro
Prompt: Cam and Angela work together and solve a crime. Can be femslash or female friendship, but, either way, please let it have lots of bonding and sleuthing.
Three Things You Don't Want: angst, talking about the men in their lives, character death

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel: The Series

Characters: Anya, Dawn Summers
Prompt: Anya is forced to babysit Dawn, and the two of them find themselves in a lot of trouble.
Three Things You Don't Want: romance, noncon, character death.

Characters: Tara and Angel
Prompt: "Home they brought her warrior dead" -- Tennyson
Three Things You Don't Want: NC-17, Teenage Connor, Polyamory

Characters: Faith
Prompt: First time slaying
Three Things You Don't Want:

Fandom: Angel: The Series
Characters: Cordelia
Prompt: "When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be." --Lao Tzu
Three Things You Don't Want: Story set in Season 4, romance, noncon, incest, kink

Characters: Kendra, Buffy
Prompt: How do we manage to live like this?
Three Things You Don't Want: character-bashing, Kendra's accent being written out phonetically, Kendra having a crush on Xander


Characters: Becca and Hank
Prompt: I argue with angels and I always win.
Three Things You Don't Want: abuse, first person narrative, too much angst

Children of Dune

Characters: Ghanima
Prompt: she is more than a spoil of war, and she crafts the the golden path in her image
Three Things You Don't Want: noncon, pwp

Criminal Minds

Characters: Emily Prentiss
Prompt: 'You're not the girl you think you are/There's someone standing in your place'
Three Things You Don't Want: Emily sitting around feeling sorry for herself

CSI: Miami

Characters: Calleigh, Natalia -- femslash preferred, but friendship or gen is fine
Prompt: "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." -- Albert Einstein -or- "Don't wait until you are depleted to heal yourself. Renew your spirit as you go." -- Alan Cohen
Three Things You Don't Want: song!fic, OOC, gratitious violence/noncon


Fandom: Batman Begins/The Dark Knight/DCU
Characters: Talia Head (Ducard?) /Bruce Wayne
Prompt: Talia comes looking for her father's surrogate heir and finds they have much in common.
Three Things You Don't Want:

The Devil Wears Prada

Characters: Andy, Caroline, Cassidy, Miranda, Emily, Nigel, Lily
Prompt: AU. When Runway switches its headquarters to a newly renovated building, it seems only Caroline and Cassidy notice the spirit haunting their mother's office.
Three Things You Don't Want: villainous Lily, the word 'twins', Emily in anything other than technicolour eyeshadow

Doctor Who

Characters: Barbara Wright & Ace (& Susan Foreman?)
Prompt: Barbara and Ace cross paths when the Doctor inadvertently lands in the same place twice - Barbara marvels at the difference between the two teenage Companions she knows.
Three Things You Don't Want: Ian bashing, references to other Companions, the Doctor actually in the story

Characters: Martha Jones
Prompt: Martha's adventures in UNIT.
Three Things You Don't Want: fluff, noncon, character death.

Characters: Tish Jones (plus Francine and Martha if the author so desires)
Prompt: Tish hasn't always been the best big sister but nothing is going to ruin Martha's wedding.
Three Things You Don't Want: non-con/rape, character bashing, gratuitously splitting up Martha and Tom

Characters: Donna Noble
Prompt: the noblest of us all
Three Things You Don't Want: character death, noncon, bdsm


Characters: Zoe Carter
This is what you get.
This is who I am.
Take me now or leave me
Any way you can.
Sometimes I trip and fall
But I know where I stand.
And if you're thinking about changing my direction,
Don't mess with imperfection.
Three Things You Don't Want: pairings, Jack talking down to Zoe, Zoe feeling inferior

Characters: Zoe & Pilar
Prompt: liberal arts vs hard sciences, textual classroom bantering
Three Things You Don't Want: angst, non-con, stupidity


Characters: Kaylee, Zoe, Inara, River (any combo of)
Prompt: Rescuing the boys
Three Things You Don't Want: pwp, character death, noncon

Characters: Inara Serra/Zoe Washburne, any of the rest of the cast
Prompt: post-movie, what happens next.
Three Things You Don't Want: Inara/Mal UST, or resolved ST; pregnancy; negative portrayal of Wash.

Forever Knight

Characters: Fleur de Brabant
Prompt: growing up alone, without Nick
Three Things You Don't Want: anything is fair game

Characters: Denise Ford ("Dying to Know You") -or- Marian Blackwing ("Blackwing") -or- Mai Chung ("Cherry Blossoms") -or- Erica ("Last Act") -or- Fleur ("Fallen Idol")
Prompt: What if she had lived? (FK has many fascinating female guest stars who don't survive their episodes. I would love to read a story from one of their lives, in an AU where she somehow makes it past her death scene and has an opportunity to continue interacting with our recurring characters from that point. Gen and romance are both lovely.)
Three Things You Don't Want: NC-17, Nick abandoning his quest, Sipping (that is, vampires feeding on humans without killing or converting them)

Harry Potter

Characters: Hermione Granger
Prompt: missing scene; what she did to help that we didn't see
Three Things You Don't Want: pwp, character death, noncon

Characters: Ginny Weasley
Prompt: "Life is like playing a violin solo in public and learning the instrument as one goes on." -- Samuel Butler
Three Things You Don't Want: Non-canonical pairings, underage sex, noncon, incest, kink


Characters: Cuddy & Remy (AKA Thirteen)
Prompt: "Are you sure you're up to this?"
Three Things You Don't Want: Onscreen Foreman, onscreen House, crying

Law and Order: SVU

Characters: Alex Cabot/Casey Novak/Liz Donnelly
Prompt: Get back on your feet again/ Nothing to say/ Some of your weaker friends/ Get in my away
Three Things You Don't Want: character bashing, overdone angst, first person narrative

Characters: Casey Novak/Alex Cabot
Prompt: Letting go
Three Things You Don't Want: Character bashing, Olivia, Munch


Characters: Sophie, Parker, Maggie (if you can only manage two or one, that's fine as well)
Prompt: Shoe-shopping in (any city) in preparation for a heist. (or the heist. I'm not fussy)
Three Things You Don't Want: (I'm predictable) love woes.


Characters: Alex Rousseau
Prompt: Glimpse into the life of an island dictator's daughter.
Three Things You Don't Want: Incest, Pairing her with Richard.

Marvel Universe

Characters: Kate Bishop/Clint Barton
Prompt: "In war, there are no unwounded soldiers."
Three Things You Don't Want: Discussion of Kate's rape.

Poltergeist: The Legacy

Characters: Alex/Rachel -- femslash preferred, but gen/character study for either is fine
Prompt: "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." -- Albert Einstein -or- "Don't wait until you are depleted to heal yourself. Renew your spirit as you go." -- Alan Cohen
Three Things You Don't Want: song!fic, OOC, gratitious violence/noncon

The Pretender

Characters: Miss Parker
Prompt: she runs and runs, and then she stops because running doesn't get you anywhere (she has a gun)
Three Things You Don't Want: noncon; pwp; fluff


Characters: Helen Magnus centric; Eleanor, John Druitt, James Watson
Prompt: Jennifer Edwards - “The beauty of life is, while we cannot undo what is done, we can see it, understand it, learn from it and change. So that every new moment is spent not in regret, guilt, fear or anger, but in wisdom, understanding and love.” Any combination of Helen/John; Helen/James; John/James; John/Helen/James and Helen/Eleanor would be LOVED.
Three Things You Don't Want: um, fluff… ‘cause, yeah, fluff is so not in Helen’s vocabulary.

Characters: Helen Magnus
Prompt: "Living and dying by the choices I've made." John/James in the background would be lovely but isn't necessary.
Three Things You Don't Want: PWP, fluff

Characters: Ashley Magnus, Helen Magnus
Prompt: mother issues
Three Things You Don't Want: incest, character death, romance

Characters: Helen and Ashley
Prompt: Helen and young Ashley. "Why don't you ever change?"
Three Things You Don't Want: romance, noncon

Sarah Jane Adventures

Characters: Maria & Rani
Prompt: Internet friendship
Three Things You Don't Want: Romance, onscreen adults, angst

Characters: Rani Chandra, Sarah Jane Smith
Prompt: Rani and Sarah Jane have to save the day, without Clyde or Luke's help.
Three Things You Don't Want: Romance, Slitheen, Character Death

Characters: Rani Chandra
Prompt: Rani before she met Sarah Jane, or Rani as an adult, or both.
Three Things You Don't Want: angst, non-con

Stargate Atlantis

Characters: Teyla/Sam Carter, John Sheppard, Jennifer Keller
Prompt: If you can't have faith in what is held up to you for faith, you must find things to believe in yourself, for a life without faith in something is too narrow a space to live.
Three Things You Don't Want: non-con, negative portrayal of Kanaan, Sam in a relationship with Jack O'Neill

Characters: Amelia, Chuck
Prompt: What's it like watching the Gate? What hijinks ensue? What personal moments of tragedy and joy are you privy to when you're the welcoming committee? This could be het or gen.

Stargate: SG1

Characters: Sam / Vala (can be gen)
Prompt: Blood will tell
Three Things You Don't Want: dubcon, bondage, AU

Characters: Cassandra, Sam, Vala, Janet (in flashback)
Prompt: Whatever happened to Cassandra after Janet's death?
Three Things You Don't Want: Major spoilers for season 10 of SG1 or the movies, as I haven't seen them yet.

Characters: Janet Fraiser/Elizabeth Weir
Prompt: Some sort of foreign travel, on Earth, for either personal or professional reasons. Can be an alternate universe without the Stargate or Atlantis, or one with either.
Three Things You Don't Want: Character death, noncon, angst

Characters: Qetesh/Osiris
Prompt: "Together, we could rule forever". Osiris finds a new queen. (Bonus points for including Sarah and Vala meeting later :))
Three Things You Don't Want: fluff

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Characters Ezri Dax:
Prompt: : keep living and learning the hard way...please treat Ezri well and take into consideration all of the previous incarnations of the Dax symbiote if possible...
Three Things You Don't Want: over done angst, or fluff,

Star Trek: Enterprise

Characters: Erika Hernandez/Jonathan Archer
Prompt: Columbia during the Earth-Romulan War, could include counters w. the TOS/TNG/Titan era
Three Things You Don't Want: Any mention of the Star Trek: Destiny trilogy.

Characters Hoshi Sato:
Prompt :She saves the day, include any other other characters as needed
Three Things You Don't Want :romance, fluff, character death

Star Trek: TOS

Characters: Dr. Helen Noel
Prompt: I'd love to see a little something about her after the original five year mission. If you want to toss Janice in too, that would be awesome.
Three Things You Don't Want: Mocking of the show or its crew (it *was* campy, but I love it regardless.) Pining for Kirk/Spock/etc.

Star Wars

Characters: Princess Leia
Prompt: Princess Leia is her father's daughter.
Three Things You Don't Want: slash, rape, fluff


Characters: Jo Harvelle and any other female from SPN verse who you think fits
Prompt: It's been a few years and Jo's carved herself a spot into the world of hunting. And she's damn good at it, too.
Three Things You Don't Want: character death, noncon

Terminator/Sarah Connor Chronicles

Characters: Cameron
Prompt: All Pinocchio ever wished for was to be a human boy.
Three Things You Don't Want: anything is fair game

Characters: Riley & Cameron
Prompt: Three times Cameron almost killed Riley and the one time Riley accidentally sent Cameron into a feedback loop
Three Things You Don't Want: noncon, severe angst, Cameron acting jealous

Characters: Cameron
Prompt: Cameron and her process with what it is to be female - how she explores it and how she defines herself. Use of any additional SCC/Terminator character in this story would be cherished, esp. if she has a conversation with other terminators about gender constructs.
Three Things You Don't Want: slash, rape, fluff

Characters: Sarah
Prompt: Sarah is always, ultimately alone. I would love to see someone she gets to connect with and part from normally without them dying or her running and not letting them know. Or, you know, something that is about Sarah that's not that.
Three Things You Don't Want: overwhelming fluff, pairings with characters from the show (unless the story demands it), smut (unless it fits there)

True Blood

Characters: Sookie & Tara
Prompt: Sometimes you have to cheat: at school, at work, and at life.
Three Things You Don't Want: noncon, severe angst, well adjusted characters

Characters: Pam & Eric (or Pam/Eric) and/or Tara Thornton & Sookie Stackhouse
Prompt: a day (or night) in the life: past, present or future
Three Things You Don't Want: a bleak conclusion, people exploding, the word "panties". Please and thank you.


Characters: Rosalie
Prompt: A place for everything, and everything in its place.
Three Things You Don't Want: Character/Series bashing, Parody, AU

Veronica Mars

Characters: Veronica Mars and Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie
Prompt: Movie fest
Three Things You Don't Want: character death, male bashing, romance

The West Wing

Characters: Kate Harper / C J Cregg
Prompt: It seemed a lifetime ago since they last saw each other but in reality it was only five years. But everything had changed.
Three Things You Don't Want:Can't think of anything.

Characters: CJ Cregg/Kate Harper
Prompt: I've love anything that explores Kate's CIA past and how that affects her now. CJ and Kate don't necessarily have to be in a relationship but I would like them both to be featured.
Three Things You Don't Want: Romance, PWP

Characters: Kate Harper
Prompt: Kate gets a call from an old CIA friend in trouble
Three Things You Don't Want: Fluff, character bashing, romance

The X-Files

Characters: Marita Covarrubias / Alex Krycek
Prompt: "You can trust me, but don't expect me to be loyal to you."
Three Things You Don't Want:


Fandom: Sanctuary/Firefly
Characters: Helen Magnus / River Tam
Prompt: She had looked into the eyes of Jack the Ripper without flinching but she could not meet the steady gaze of this child/woman
Three Things You Don't Want: Can't think of anything.

Fandom: The Pretender/ Death Race (2008, aka Death Race 3000) crossover
Characters: Miss Parker/Warden Hennessey
Prompt: Love me cancerously/ Like a salt-sore soaked in the sea. 'High-maintenance' means/ You're a gluttonous queen/ Narcissistic and mean.
Three Things You Don't Want: Fluff, PWP, romance

Fandom: House/Bones
Characters: Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley, Dr. Temperance Brennan, any other main characters from either show
Prompt: One of House's cases leads back to the Jeffersonian. (Bonus points for Thirteen/Angela)
Three Things You Don't Want: Female victim or murderer, Brennan paired with anyone but Booth, Thirteen paired with anyone but Foreman or Angela

Fandom: Sanctuary/Stargate: Atlantis/Stargate: SG-1
Characters: Helen Magnus, Ashley Magnus, Elizabeth Weir, Teyla Emmagan, Vala Mal Doran
Prompt: The SGC, Atlantis, and the Sanctuary all end up with the same goal. Could be that they all want the same abnormal. Could be they're trying to stop the Cabal. Author's choice! Please feel free to bring in any other characters you want, though I prefer the female characters, and prefer gen stories.
Three Things You Don't Want: character death, reference to seasons four or five of SGA, the men to play a significant role

Fandom: Doctor Who/Sarah Jane/Torchwood
Characters: Donna, Sarah Jane
Prompt: The Doctor has asked Sarah Jane to keep an eye on Donna to make sure that she doesn't remember the DoctorDonna and to get her help if she does. Help could come from Torchwood or UNIT (esp. Martha) or some of Sarah's other alien contacts, but not from the Doctor because I'd prefer to see Donna keep her memory intact.
Three Things You Don't Want: Romance between Donna and Sarah, any references to the new season of The Sarah Jane Adventures which I didn't even realize had started until I saw people referring to Rani Chandra and looked the name up.

Fandom: Discworld/CSI (sort of)
Characters: Cheery Littlebottom, Igor (of the Watch) Vetinari, the Watch
Prompt: Vimes and Vetinari have been kidnapped. The rest of the Watch have been incapacitated in various ways (have fun with this) except for Cheery and Igor. Canonically, Cheery is an alchemist, and Igor is a medic, but in the context of the Watch, her skills are used as if she is a CSI, and Igor sometimes has to act as a medical examiner. Using a CSI-type plot line, it's up to Cheery and Igor to save the day. They do what any good scientist would do: they follow the evidence.
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