The Teasemaster (tinylegacies) wrote in femme_fic,
The Teasemaster

Today's the Day!

Starting the day, we have 28 stories queued up! That's almost half!

If you aren't going to get your story posted by the end of the day and you haven't already notified us of your need for a short extension, please do so ASAP. And if you know that you aren't going to get your story done at all, please tell us now so we can get a backup writer assigned.

As soon as all the stories are in the queue, we'll release them and post the master list with links.

PLEASE take the time to thank your writer for your story. Even if you've defaulted and even if the story really isn't your cup of tea, it's only polite to thank someone for their hard work.

And leave feedback on any story that you enjoy! You know how much you love getting comments, so make someone else's day!
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