Havoc (havocthecat) wrote in femme_fic,

The usual pain in the neck mod reminder.

Okay, we're up to...15 stories. Out of 62. So we're getting closer to releasing these, but we're still not that close at all.

*stares longingly at the moderation queue*

We've just bought a 2 month paid account for the comm, which means that anyone who has a fic that exceeds LJ's posting limit should be good uploading each part of their story to the comm and still being in the queue.

Again, please post with a subject line. As a guideline, list your fandom, the title, and the rating in the subject line, but we're not going to be strict with format.

Please keep posting! A couple of you have delays due to RL circumstances. Thank you for informing us! Anyone else, please either a) inform us of an RL delay, or b) post your fic ASAP.
Tags: admin, admin: posting guidelines, admin: reminders

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