The Teasemaster (tinylegacies) wrote in femme_fic,
The Teasemaster

Round One is Over!

You guys are amazing! All the fic I've read so far has been wonderful. I'm still working my way through them.

Many MANY thanks to liviapenn who tagged all the fic from the first round! You are amazing!

Now that the first round is over, we've switched over to unmoderated posting, so if you have additional female-character centered fic (in any fandom) that you'd like to post, feel free. If we start getting a lot of off-topic posts, we'll switch it back.

I'm planning to compile a list of all the prompts from the last ficathon by fandom and post them so that if anyone wants to write another story, they can.

Finally, one of our affiliates, hetfic, is currently holding signups for their annual ficathon. They have many of the same official fandoms as we did and are operating on a similar basis. Go check it out and sign up to write more awesome fic!
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