patron saint of neglected female characters (rose_griffes) wrote in femme_fic,
patron saint of neglected female characters

BSG fic: 'Touched by the Sun' (PG, Kara & Dee)

original prompt from frolicndetour:
Characters: Dee & Kara
Prompt: The two are forced to join forces for a common good. Season 4 spec.? (optional)
Things You Don't Want: character death, noncon

title: Touched by the Sun
rating: PG
characters: Kara Thrace, Anastasia Dualla
spoilers: through season three finale; some speculation for season four
beta-readers: The very-helpful daybreak777 and jashyr. All remaining errors are mine.
word count: 1271
note: title and theme blatantly stolen from inspired by a Carly Simon song of the same name.
note #2: yes, there really is a binary star called Mizar

Dee hated being irrational, but sometimes there wasn't any other choice.Collapse )
Tags: author: rose_griffes, fandom: battlestar galactica, genre: gen

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