March 28th, 2008

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Fics Due!

Today is the day that fics start coming due! You have until the 31st to turn them in. (However, as stated before, we will be waiting for all fics to be finished before we release fics from the moderation queue.)

We have four fics that have been completed out of sixty-four. We'll be keeping a running total in the counter on our comm profile.

Please, if you plan on defaulting, tell us now. The sooner we know about it, the sooner we can get a backup writer and get all the stories completed.

Edited to clarify:

1. Please feel free to link to the story from your journal, or to link it to various fannish newsletters.
2. If you make a glaring error, you'll either be able to fix it once the story is out of the moderation queue, or ask us to reject is so that you can fix it and re-post it.
3. Yes, we do require that you post the fic itself to the community, not to your personal journal with a link to the comm. We feel that releasing all the fics from the moderation queue at once gives everyone motivation to get their stories in ASAP.
gk_fanfic - xmen

FICATHON: "An Exception to Every Rule" by groovekittie [PG]

An Exception to Every Rule
PG (little teeny bit of bad language)

X-Men Movieverse

Rogue, Wolverine, Iceman, Storm
Word Count:
Written For:
Rogue - How her powers return
The past has a tendency to remain, like a phantom limb, always felt, but rarely seen.
Author's Notes:
I'm not entirely sure this is what you were asking for, but I hope you like it! I couldn't help but turn it into a W/R fic, as that pairing is super close to my heart. :) My apologies if that isn't what you were expecting ... but you did say anything goes! ;)

Also ... a HUGE thanks goes out to my PERFECT beta, thekatebeyond and to goodisrelative who gave me the PERFECT summary for my story, sight unseen!

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totally in control

Platform Nine and Five-Sixteenths, Harry Potter, PG, for raz0rgirl

Title: Platform Nine and Five-Sixteenths
Author: mtfierce
Rating: PG
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Luna Lovegood, references to Neville Longbottom, Ginny Weasley, Harry Potter, and Thomas Riddle

Warnings: Um, none.
Spoilers: I have obeyed the rules of writing Luna by mentioning the Blibbering Humdinger and the Crumpled-Horned Snorkack.
Word Count: 1800 or so
Written For: raz0rgirl

Things the Request Didn't Want: noncon, incest, character bashing

Author's Notes/Summary: I did not turn Luna into a dominatrix, because, really, I'd hate for her to raise a riding crop and then get involved in a philosophical conversation about the spectrum of "belonging to" versus "belonging with," which, while nice and frustrating the first few times, doesn't end up being arousing.

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BSG fic: 'Touched by the Sun' (PG, Kara & Dee)

original prompt from frolicndetour:
Characters: Dee & Kara
Prompt: The two are forced to join forces for a common good. Season 4 spec.? (optional)
Things You Don't Want: character death, noncon

title: Touched by the Sun
rating: PG
characters: Kara Thrace, Anastasia Dualla
spoilers: through season three finale; some speculation for season four
beta-readers: The very-helpful daybreak777 and jashyr. All remaining errors are mine.
word count: 1271
note: title and theme blatantly stolen from inspired by a Carly Simon song of the same name.
note #2: yes, there really is a binary star called Mizar

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