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Charlie’s Angels.

Title: - Wind through my hair sets me free…
Author: - Femme_Slash_Fan AKA Elizabeth Fox-Foster.
Rating: - PG-13/NC-17.
Fandom: - Charlie’s Angels.
Warnings: - This is my first time writing about/for Jill.
Spoilers: - None that I know of.
Word Count: - 1000.
Written For: - Teh_Gandu.
Prompt: - “Without accepting the fact that everything changes, we cannot find perfect composure. But, unfortunately, although it is true, it is difficult for us to accept it. Because we cannot accept the truth of transience, we suffer.” – Shuriryu Suzuki.
Author’s Notes/Summary: - When Kelly is injured, although not fatally, she seems to change. Can Sabrina and Jill get her back?

Kelly Garrett lay still, unconscious, with her normally sparkling brown eyes closed, her long and lightly curled brown hair haloing her head.

Beside her bed stood two concerned women, her colleagues at work, two different but equally kind women.

Sabrina Duncan, the shorter of the two was outwardly calm, the glitter in her brown eyes the only sign of fear. She wore her brown hair short, her clothes smart.

The taller Blonde watched both Kelly and Bree closely, her blue eyes warm, she knew about them, she’d left them alone now, she knew they liked her but seemed to pity her. They also clearly needed and deserved time together.

She rested a soft hand on Bree’s shoulder. “I’ll go find Bosley, see if I can do anything to catch this bastard.”

Bree nodded, thankful that Jill was so keen to give her some space and time alone with Kelly.

As Jill left, Bree returned her attention to Kelly, leaning to brush a hair from her face, stroking her cheek. “Hurry home Angel.”

A silence fell as Bree pressed a gentle kiss to Kelly’s forehead.

The silence was broken by a soft gasp, a whimper, then sobbing.

Bree sat forward, her eyes gentle as she leant closer to Kelly, soothing her. “Hey… you’re okay Kel… you’re okay.”

Slowly Kelly grew calm, leaning closer to Bree, thankful for the tenderness she received, shock and pain slowly easing, letting her relax.

The two only broke apart when Jill re-entered, Kelly smiling happily as Jill gave her a gentle hug.

After a few more weeks the hospital let Kelly out, making sure she stayed with someone. The offers she received surprised her, but she chose Bree, knowing Jill wouldn’t mind and would likely join them anyway.

Time passed steadily, Kelly slowly returning to full health, and a month later, going back to her own home and work.

Charlie had given them little to do and the girls often wound up drunk, well, Kelly and Jill did, or just giggly.

These days often ended with all three women asleep in the office.

Kelly found herself happier than before, confident in her safety and feeling loved.

Bree found herself enjoying Kelly’s company more than before, which left her just a little confused.

Jill had seen the others growing closer and stepped away, unsure how to handle their new relationship.

Neither Bree or Kelly had guessed why Jill became distant and found themselves amused but befuddled.

Jill eventually told them, stunned by their denial. “I’m sorry, but you two are gay. Pretty obviously too… and I know you love each other.”

“Jill…” Kelly began softly. “How can you say that?”

“Because she’s right.” The voice came from the box on the table. It was Charlie, who had heard it all. “If you don’t accept it, neither of you will be happy…”

“Charlie…” Bree sounded stunned. “What do you mean?” She paused then added. “As far as I know Kelly’s straight.”

“Bree…” Now Kelly spoke weakly. “I’m not… not one to use labels… but I’m not straight…”

“Neither am I…” Jill sighed, then excused herself, leaving Charlie to sort the girls out.

A silence fell as Bree and Kelly stared at each other wordlessly, it was broken only by their breathing.

Nervously Kelly spoke, cautiously speaking without judging Bree. “Bree… do you… do you really… love me like that?”

“Yes.” Bree breathed finally, painfully honest. “Do you?”

“Yes.” The word was whispered, Kelly looking down a little.

Bree sighed softly and spoke tenderly. “I’m stunned… but flattered.”

Kelly smiled softly. “You’re far too hard on yourself.”

“No… really, I don’t understand why you love me that much… really…”

“Then you’re blind.” Kelly replied gently. “You’re amazing Bree… really.”

“Well, I guess…” Bree gave in, unable to hide her smile. “Thanks Kel.”

“Anytime Bree.” Kelly murmured softly. “It’s about time you got the love you deserve.”

“Kelly, Bree…” Charlie finally spoke. “Take the day off.”

Both women agreed easily, smiling at each other as they left, Bree wondering where Jill was…

Bree insisted they go back to her place and the two got into her car.

Soon enough they were parked and inside, Bree as careful as ever to lock both the car and her front door once they were inside.

They sat on the sofa together for a long time, just talking and laughing. Eventually, one of them, neither was sure who, made a move closer and they kissed slowly and tenderly. They broke slowly and shared a smile, neither worrying when someone knocked on the door.

Sabrina rose and answered the door, not too surprised to see Jill there, looking a little shy. “Come in Jill.”

Jill entered and sat slowly, both women silent as she glanced at them. “Hi…”

“Something wrong hun?” Kelly asked gently. She could tell Jill was shaking.

“Not really.” Jill murmured softly.

Kelly shot Bree a look as she took Jill’s hand gently. “You felt left out didn’t you?”

“Yes.” Jill admitted weakly, a little surprised how quickly Kelly had known, then amused as she remembered Kelly’s first day.

Bree returned to sit on the other side of Jill, smiling a little. “There’s plenty enough love to go around.”

Jill shivered a little at those words but smiled. “And neither of you mind?”

“I don’t…” Both Bree and Kelly said at exactly the same time, making Jill giggle.

They all remained sat on the sofa for a lot longer, at least another 4 hours.

When they stood up, they moved around the house easily, every one of them knowing it well.

They finally headed into the bedroom, none too eager or reluctant. They sat there together for a while before Bree found covers and they settled into the bed.

Sleep came easily for Jill, who was on Kelly’s left. The easy-breathing making Kelly smile.

Kelly also slipped into sleep easily, back pressed against Jill, Bree in front of her.

Bree relaxed slowly, sleep coming slowly as she unwound.
Tags: author: femme_slash_fan, fandom: charlie's angels, genre: femslash

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