Flicka Whip (femme_slash_fan) wrote in femme_fic,
Flicka Whip

Young Love (Helena/Gina)

Battlestar Galactica.

Title: - Young love from an innocent one.
Author: - Femme_Slash_Fan AKA Elizabeth Fox-Foster.
Rating: - PG-13/NC-17. You Choose.
Fandom: - Battlestar Galactica.
Characters: - Helena Cain/Gina Invierre.
Warnings: - Written after seeing a single episode and mostly using fact-sheets.
Spoilers: - None.
Word Count: - 1031.
Written For: - Teh_Gandu.
Prompt: - Set before the war, Gina and Cain meeting for the first time. (Gina talking technobabble.)
Author’s Notes/Summary: - When Gina and Cain meet at a dinner party they instantly get on.

YoungCollapse )
Tags: author: femme_slash_fan, fandom: battlestar galactica, genre: femslash

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