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Young Love (Helena/Gina)

Battlestar Galactica.

Title: - Young love from an innocent one.
Author: - Femme_Slash_Fan AKA Elizabeth Fox-Foster.
Rating: - PG-13/NC-17. You Choose.
Fandom: - Battlestar Galactica.
Characters: - Helena Cain/Gina Invierre.
Warnings: - Written after seeing a single episode and mostly using fact-sheets.
Spoilers: - None.
Word Count: - 1031.
Written For: - Teh_Gandu.
Prompt: - Set before the war, Gina and Cain meeting for the first time. (Gina talking technobabble.)
Author’s Notes/Summary: - When Gina and Cain meet at a dinner party they instantly get on.

The dinner party hadn’t been something Gina wanted to attend. She had agreed happily anyway, pretending to love the idea.

Now she sat alone at a table, straightening her LBD and flicking her blonde hair from blue eyes with a resigned sigh.

“Miss Invierre?” A voice spoke from nearby. When Gina looked up her eyes linked with another woman’s.

“That’s me.” Gina agreed, standing and pulling another chair to the table. “Care to join me?”

“Oh… uhm… okay.” The tall brunette brushed her hair from slightly nervous brown eyes. She wore a simple pale green dress and flats.

The two fell silent for a while before Gina broke the silence. “So… you work on a Battlestar?”

“Yes… we need more crew-members.” Helena agreed easily, seeming more confident now they were talking about her job.

“Really, well, I know a great technician.” Gina replied smoothly, smiling as they were served their dinners.

“Really?” Helena asked, half-laughing. “Would she happen to be my dining companion tonight?”

“Uhm, busted?” Gina smiled, already just a little flirty.

“I’m sure we can find a job for you.” She paused then added a playful “If you behave.”

“I’ll be on my best behaviour.” Gina agreed, standing as she finished her meal and excusing herself. ‘Get a grip Gina.’
‘She’s certainly sweet and funny.’ Helena mused. ‘And she seems to like me well enough… for now.’ She wasn’t sure if there was more to Gina’s joking, there seemed to be something though.

When Gina returned, Helena made her move, inviting Gina to dance. Gina accepted gracefully and the two headed onto the Dancefloor. The music was slow and gentle. The two women moved somewhat gracefully and seemed relaxed.

When they finished they returned to the table. They sat and settled to talking again. Their legs slipped against each other and eventually they wound up holding hands on the table.

All too soon the party was over. Helena gathered their coats. The two wandered back to Gina’s slowly, neither sure who’d been the one to make the first real move.

They remained polite and pretty civil for a long time as Gina described the work she’d recently been doing, serving them both a little more wine. They continued to talk for over 2 more hours.

It was again unclear who made the first move when their lips met. They kept the kiss light at first, growing more passionate.

They moved in unison to slowly explore each other’s necks, moans escaped them both. They broke apart only when Gina whimpered.

“Gina?” Worry tinted Helena’s voice as she stroked hair from the blonde’s face. “What’s wrong?”

“I just, I don’t think I could…” Gina paused, looking deep into Helena’s eyes. “Promise me you’ll be gentle?”

“Of course I will.” Helena soothed softly. “Only if you’re sure.”

Gina thought for a few moments then spoke softly. “I’m sure.”

Helena smiled gently. “I’ll try not to hurt you.” She promised softly. “Just relax… alright?”

“Can we move upstairs please?” The words were soft, pleading.

“Of course.” Helena agreed, standing and offering Gina a hand. Gina took it and stood.

The two headed up the stairs slowly, leaving a trail of shoes, socks and tights. As they reached the bedroom Gina grew steadily less confident. Truth was, she was new to this, and timid.

“We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.” Helena reminded her gently. “All you need to do is say stop or no.”

Gina nodded silently and relaxed back onto the bed, letting Helena settle over her and kiss her.

Helena removed her own clothes before removing Gina’s, gentle and cautious. She moved slowly, giving Gina chances to stop her.

It was only when her hand came to Gina’s thigh that Gina whimpered again, weakly whispering “No… stop…”

Helena instantly drew her hand back, instead stroking Gina’s cheek, wiping away tears. “Okay.” She murmured softly. “Okay.” She could feel Gina relax into her hand and moved to lay behind her, cradling her gently. “Get some sleep Gina.”

Gina snuffled slightly and pressed back against Helena a little. “Thank you.” She murmured as she slowly slept, cradled safe and close to Helena.

Helena watched her sleep, stunned by how quickly she’d fallen for the timid yet friendly girl, how deeply she felt the tenderness that kept her here. She had never really known a love like this, and she knew she wouldn’t ever again.

The next moments were filled with silence, Gina sleeping easily and Helena contentedly watching over her.

The peace lasted quite a long time before Gina woke with a yell, stifling a sob.

“Hey… hey… shhh…” Helena soothed. “I’m here.” She could feel Gina shaking and turned the woman to face her, gently kissing her forehead. “You’re safe.” She paused then murmured a soft “I promise.”

The woman’s voice soothed Gina and she slipped back to sleep.

Helena smiled tenderly as the woman nestled closer. “Sleep well sweet Gina, I won’t let anyone harm you.”

The sleeping woman appeared to smile and relax further. The woman seemed to know she was safe.

Helena had no plans to sleep, she wanted to stay awake, she knew she needed to. But she could feel sleep beginning to encroach and gave a small growl, fighting it off.

The woman’s small nuzzle against her neck spurred Helena on. Again, she pushed away the temptation. ‘She needs me.’

The thought helped her push off tiredness and stay awake.

Each time the feeling of sleepiness snuck up she reminded herself that Gina needed her. This worked for a few more goes.

Helena gave into the need to sleep finally and let her eyes close. Then sleep.
Tags: author: femme_slash_fan, fandom: battlestar galactica, genre: femslash

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