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Love Lives Longer Than Time (ST:DS9, Jadzia/Lenara, G)

Title: Love Lives Longer Than Time
Author: sheepfairy
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Pairing: Lenara Kahn/Jadzia Dax
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Spoilers: Spoilers for Episode 76, 'Rejoined'.
Recipient: femme_slash_fan
Prompt: Follow up, meeting in another time.
Summary: Six months after they last saw each other Lenara and Jadzia meet again.
Author's Notes: I hope you like this! Also, thanks to Becca for the beta job.

There were many, many reasons why leaving your past loves in the past was the best thing for everyone involved. It wasn't absolute, of course; people made little comment about Dax's continued relationships with people outside of Trill society, probably because everyone else only lived once anyway. But for the Trills themselves clinging to old attachments only lead to stagnation at best or disaster at worst.

Unfortunately, while she was aware of the many cautionary statements and warnings put out by the Trill government, she didn't believe a single one of them. There was only one thing stopping her and Lenara from being together, from being happy together, and that was the threat of a premature death at the hands of their own society.

If she had believed in the logic behind the laws it would have been easy to ignore the message Lenara had sent her two weeks after she'd left the space station. It would have saved her a lot of fear and waiting and emotional upheaval, but it also would have cost her something dear. So she knowingly disregarded the laws, and after a few weeks of secretive communication she and Lenara decided on their time and place.

It was full six months after their last meeting, and Jadzia waited in a plain but clean and well-kept apartment. She had arrived early, unfortunately, and left to her own devices her mind had turned to worry. Dax, generally speaking, was not the worrying type, but then again for all his pretension at rebelliousness even Curzon had never dared to flaunt Trill law in such a severe manner.

Although, if she were to be honest, what scared her the most was not the thought of getting caught. What scared her was the thought that Lenara might change her mind and not show up at all.

By the time the door finally clicked open Jadzia had gone half-crazy from waiting, and seeing Lenara at the door looking beautiful (although also just as nervous as Jadzia herself) sent a flush of joy rushing through her.

Jadzia's immediate reaction was to pull Lenara in for a kiss. It probably would have been more appropriate to talk some first, or at least exchange greetings, but six months was a long time to wait and Dax had never been terribly patient. Their bodies were different but there was still a sense of familiarity that brought Jadzia comfort and soothed the nerves that she had built up while waiting. A wave of nostalgia washed over her, and for a second it was easy for her to forget that they were no longer Nilani and Torias, and they were no longer married.

Lenara moved first, ending the kiss but not pulling away. "I was afraid you wouldn't want anything to do with me after I left you alone on the station," she said.

Jadzia smiled, even though the pain of that rejection still lingered. "I really shouldn't have asked that of you in the first place." After all, asking her to stay was the same as asking her to die an early death, although Dax couldn't help but note that she had already lived far longer than most of the non-symbiotes she had known.

Lenara started to say something but stopped, and when she started again it was to change the subject. "It's just a shame we only have two days. And even that was a trial for me to get with no questions asked. I very nearly had to murder my brother just to get away."

"Ah, tell me about it. Everyone I know is so nosy - fortunately I'm an accomplished liar. Now they all think I'm on a five day trip to visit a Vishkarin monk whose life I once saved in the hopes that he'll be able to teach how to psychically ascertain people's moods." She had told Benjamin the truth, of course, but other than that she had felt it wise to keep the situation to herself. And lying could be a lot of fun if it wasn't malicious.

Lenara laughed. "And you really expected them to believe all that?"

"They believe every story I make up. Usually it's only the things that have actually happened that I have a hard time convincing them of."

"That's typical, isn't it? Nobody wants to be taken in by an obvious lie, but there are so many things in the universe that are unbelievably true."

"That's what I always tell people," said Jadzia. "Although, in defense of their ability to recognize a lie when they hear it, I am actually going to stop by the Vishkarin monastery on my way back. Although I'm afraid that instead of being allowed in as a favor for saving somebody's life I'm simply going to have to pay full price just like any other tourist."

"Really? Knowing you, Dax, I'd expect you to be able to wiggle your way in for free."

"Well, I'm certainly going to give it a shot. But I'm afraid even I sometimes fail to get what I want," said Jadzia.

"Yes," said Lenara, "I suppose that's true." She didn't say you didn't get me, after all, but Jadzia knows how to read between the lines.

Jadzia slid her arm around Lenara's waist, drawing her to couch and relishing the contact. Lenara wasn't the same person as Kilani, but they were so similar that it was difficult to remember that. The coloring of the hair and eyes might have been different but changing hosts had done little to change her grace or her personality. And those were the things that were important, because those were the things that Dax remembered best.

"But I almost always get close enough to make me happy," said Jadzia. Settling down on the couch had probably been a bad idea, as she was more in the mood for the bed. But they had two days, and that meant that there was time enough to move as fast or as slow as they wanted to. After a lot of trial and error Dax had come to the conclusion that when you have a short amount of time rushing things only seems to make it go by faster.

"I was terrified the whole way here," said Lenara, leaning her head against Jadzia's chest. "I was afraid just getting into contact with you. But just being here... I have no idea why I was so nervous."

"We do have to be careful," said Jadzia. Her fear for herself had slipped away at some point, but her fear for Lenara remained. Because Lenara had been far more resistant to temptation than Jadzia had been, and if she did get caught Jadzia would be the one to blame. And she did not want to be the one responsible for shortening Lenara's life.

"I know," said Lenara. "But still, I think it's worth it. I know it's worth it."

Jadzia pulled her tighter and leaned in for another kiss. In the end, it was worth it - they might get caught, but it did her no good to live her life in fear. If Dax had learned anything in her long life, she had learned that.
Tags: author: sheepfairy, fandom: star trek ds9, genre: femslash

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