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An Alan Smithee Film

Asking Answered Questions - NCIS, PG, for mtfierce

Title: Asking Answered Questions
Author: Beckymonster (becky_monster)
Rating: PG

Fandom: NCIS
Characters: Ziva David, Jenny Shepard, Cynthia Sumner
Warnings: None
Spoilers: Spoilers for Season 4
Word Count: 2,350
Written For: mtfierce
Prompt:"Sometimes you're strongest when you give."
Author's Notes: Beta'ed by periwinkle27 and looked over by wiccagirl24, they make me look good
My thanks to mtfierce for her prompts - I hope I did them justice.
Summary: It's just another day at the Navy Yard - but what's bugging Ziva? And what can her friend Jenny do about it?

Anyone passing the coffee nook, just off the bullpen, would have noticed Ziva David standing by the coffee maker, her hands curled tightly around the counter.Collapse )
Tags: author: becky_monster, fandom: ncis, genre: gen

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