Forever Knight: FKFicFest 2017 (Sign-up by 3/24!)

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Remember Forever Knight's wonderful women characters? Pathologist Natalie Lambert, entrepreneur Janette Ducharme, detective Tracy Vetter, captain Amanda Cohen, technician Grace Balthazar, and many more? Come celebrate them in our annual ficathon exchange game!

Sign-ups are open until 11:59 PM (Pacific), Friday, March 24. Stories start releasing on Monday, May 29. Join us?

Natalie Again

FKFicFest 2015 Promo - Come play?

FKFicFest banner with 3 season cast photos
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fkficfest/[community profile] fkficfest, the annual Forever Knight (1992-1996) ficathon game, is open for sign-ups until June 14. Come one, come all!

You fondly remember this remarkable show and its remarkable women characters, don't you? Forensic pathologist Natalie Lambert. Entrepreneur Janette Ducharme. Police detective Tracy Vetter. Police captain Amanda Cohen. Forensic technician Grace Balthazar. Urs! Divia! Norma! Serena! Lisa! Erica! Sofia! Fleur! Come celebrate Forever Knight, its woman characters, and the astonishing fandom of which you're a part!

This is our sixth annual game, so you probably know the drill. (Complete 2015 rules, instructions and examples.) We've added one twist: In the event of 8 or fewer exchange sign-ups, we'll throw open the gates with a classic FKFic-L-style "challenge" game. Collapse )

Come play! FK's rich premise and unforgettable characters are ripe for new stories grappling with the new questions in our lives. Which of FK's outstanding women most speaks to you today?

2013 FKFicFest Promo

With the generous permission of femme_fic's moderator, I'd like to invite you to the 2013 fkficfest/[community profile] fkficfest game! This exchange ficathon celebrates the the television series Forever Knight, the one and only "vampire homicide-cop" saga, starring such unforgettable women characters as Natalie Lambert (human scientist, cat lover, known to cry during King Kong), Janette Ducharme (vampire entrepreneur, fashionista, once sighted doing her own taxes), Tracy Vetter (human detective, coffee fiend, living down a childhood nickname) ... plus Cohen, Grace, Urs, Fleur, Divia, Norma and many more!

Forever Knight Fic Fest 2013

With excitingly diverse new stories, the FKFicFest game revels in our show and the friends we made through it.

Sign-ups close this Friday, May 17 at 11:59PM (Pacific). Stories come due July 27. Please see the rules and sign-ups post (on Dreamwidth or on LiveJournal); stories post on the AO3. All Forever Knight fans are invited. We'd love to have you play with us!
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In lieu of a 2012 round of femme_fic, we're running a lady-centric remix challenge.

miri_cleo, celli and myself are gearing up to run remix_her (DW link)/remix_her, and so I have some links to share. This is for all fans of female characters, so please feel free to play no matter what type of fic you might write.

Community Rules & Challenge Information - To answer all your questions, or what we hope will be all your questions. There's information on the exchange portion (for larger fandoms) and the freeform portion (for smaller fandoms).

Poll For Eligible Fandoms - We started out with a huge list and are trying to winnow down. Please be sure to read the clarification text at the top of the poll.

Comment Ficathon - Because we ask that you have four fics in a fandom to offer up for remixing if you sign up for the exchange portion, we thought we'd put up a post where people can write fics in order to attain eligibility.

Please spread the links around to interested parties! The more, the merrier!

2012 FKFicFest Promo

With the generous permission of femme_fic's moderator, I'd like to invite you to the 2012 fkficfest/
[community profile] femme_fic game!  This ficathon celebrates the the television series Forever Knight, which features such wonderful women characters as medical examiner Natalie Lambert, nightclub owner Janette Ducharme, homicide detective Tracy Vetter, police captain Amanda Cohen, lab technician Grace Balthazar... and more!  2012 is the twentieth anniversary of Forever Knight's premiere — let's celebrate the introduction and endurance of all these outstanding characters!

Sign-ups are open through May 25.  Please check out the rules and sign-ups post (on DW/on LJ) for details; this year, we'll post directly to our AO3 collection.  We'd love to have you play with us!